NFT ARTISTS BEWARE, A lot of NFT promoters are scams. We hope this will help you avoid some of them.

Let me start this with a conversation we as a studio had with one so called “NFT promoter” of the name @lvcidfort. Whose toxic response to our due-diligence of their offer & services ( Which needless to say yielded very poor results), followed as such.

After days if incessant badgering on our DM’s we finally decided to check out their legitimacy. to our complete and utter UN-Surprise they failed every test. But hey, at least they were consistent in that, right down to when we decided to deny the the chance to take our money, and the conversation quickly devolved:

Now this small drama may seem insignificant, but with an abundance of false promoters all scrambling to take advantage of indie artists and content creators who might not know what to look for, this example to us shows the sheer arrogance shillers have in mistreating people.

There are some things as an indie we need to look for, and the number one thing to always consider:


Nearly all the promoters who reach out to us expect an overpriced payment upfront, in eth, most claiming insane engagements, and act as if it is a favor to you to even offer their services.

Or worse, they try to FOMO you into purchasing their services. These are all tell tale signs of a bad promoter. RED FLAG!

The thing is , they are asking for a one sided relationship with you. A relationship where you just trust that they will give you what your project needs; legitimate exposure to real supporters of NFT projects, from a single overpriced tweet/retweet/pinned tweet.

But here is the problem. Take a few minutes to examine these “Promoters”, and we see an very common thread. Find one of their posts and take a look at the comments, they are all very generic, and most just spam @mentions … very much like bots do. RED FLAG

So Blind Faith, payment upfront, FOMO, and poor engagement. Lets take this a step further.

What about how they interact with the community? Are they real people making real comments, asking questions, being play full with other users, commenting and finding their people? Well in this case no… RED FLAG!

Let have a look at our example once more, analyzing the Twitter Account with Social Bearing (HIGHLY SUGGEST this tool)

We can see they mostly spam, and @mention to gain their followers and find their targets for their promotion.

This become problematic for indies who are looking for legitimate eyes, the prices alone are bad, but that’s a portion of a budget that should have had a return on their investment in the form of audience growth, when in fact these tweets fall flat and dead to the twitter verse, because only bots hit them, and no one reads @metions from these shill bots.

BONUS RED FLAG! Sir, Boss, Pal, Buddy, Bro, These are not words used by professional promoters. and they are rampant with scammers right now. If you are legit and you like to use these, you may want to stop for now.

The Stats on the Social Bearing website help too. Legitimate promoters have to build trust with their community over time, and that leads to natural and ACTUAL organic engagements. This will increase their scores here, and show a more balanced approach to their twitter use.

Here we have our Example case:

Staying vigilant when your marketing budget is concerned, is a huge problem for indies, start-ups, and small teams who bootstrap their ideas. Adding to that concern the scammers, shillers, bot, and money grabs out there, it’s hard to discern where to best spend it.

A Note on Track records.

You can ask a scammer for proof, and oh yes they will provide it, but not with anything a real promoter would. TRUE promoters have case studios, an examination of previous successes and how they would apply that to you, Not haphazardly captured screenshots of private DMs, and screencaps of a limited set of their Twitter analytics.

Real promoters have a game plan for you, and are willing to work with you on trial bases short term to prove their value. They don’t ask for absurd amounts up front, and they always focused on building a better brand, audience and experience for you, all in pursuit of growing their future alongside you.

Hopefully we have armed you with a few new resources to combat this risk. and remember REAL Promoters want to build long term relationships with their clients & partners. The quick BLIND FAITH money grabs will always fail you.

Stay safe, and call this out when you see it.

All the best to the NFT Community

Twitch Pixel Studios Out!




We are an up & coming indie animation studio engaging WITH fans, and growing and animated universe together with NFTs and YOU!

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Jeff Saamanen

Jeff Saamanen

We are an up & coming indie animation studio engaging WITH fans, and growing and animated universe together with NFTs and YOU!

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